2021 JCI Lithuania-Norway National Convention

This year the Lithuania-Norway National Convention is held in Vilnius on October 22-24th. 

Our conference’s guest of honour and keynote speaker is Marcus Orlovsky. He has earned an amazing reputation for helping students at all ages, focusing on teachers and leaders to achieve their best results. To all this, he is an excellent trainer, motivator and public speaker who also spreads the word on the topics of innovation, creativity and resilience.

Marcus Orlovsky illustrates his life experience in these words, “Most of the work I have done to date has been deemed ‘impossible’ beforehand. Now, it tends to be referred to as ‘rather obvious’!”.

We invite you to attend his lecture on October 23rd where the guest will be speaking on the topic of Tearing Down the Walls from his personal experience. 

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 JCI Lithuania-Norway National Convention. Registration coming soon!