JCI Regional Growth & Development Academy 2024

From Vision to Action: Learn How to Attract, Engage, and Grow with Confidence!

JCI Regional Growth & Development Academy on 23-25th of 2024 in Lithuania, Kaunas – Birštonas.

Unlock your organization’s full potential in just two days at our training academy:

  • Designed for small LOMs members – this program turns your big ideas into real results.
  • Participants will be provided with a set of tools and skills to help them think of their organization in terms of it being a small business & will be trained in how to put what they learned into action.
  • Participants will learn how to plan and create a strategy for the next few year, analyse for a sustainable growth and their prioritzied actions.
  • Participants will figure out who is their target audience and the best marketing tools and channels to get their attention.
  • Participants will leave ready to help their organization grow and connect more with the community.
  • Expect lots of great opportunities to meet new people and have fun, too.
  • We’ve even included a sauna session to relax and chat more casually 🙂

Join us to start making a bigger impact while enjoying the journey!

This RGDA aim is to support small Local and National Organizations who have been facing decrease in membership for the last years, but are ready to restrart and to stand firmly on one’s feet again.

We want to help you identify your own unique value proposition, plan sustainable development & learn how to recruit and retain members.

Sign up now and be the change you want to see. Let’s grow together and make a difference!

  • JCI Regional Growth & Development Academy on 23-25th of 2024 in Lithuania, Kaunas – Birštonas.
  • There is a limit of 30 participants.
  • The participation fee for the JCI RGDA is 140 euros, which includes 23-25th accommodation, food, training materials and transportation to and from the academy site and Kaunas.
  • Registration deadline: 4th of August 2024