FREE lecture: Inspiring Influence and Managing Behaviors

Elevated Moments: Inspiring Influence and Managing Behaviors

Managing people is hard work, especially in high stress or fast paced environments. Effective managers need tools to support them in becoming the agents of change through influence and adaptability.

In this lecture, Jay Johnson will share his years of experience working with managers globally and offer practical tips and tactics that will help to build influence and manage even the most challenging behaviors.

✔️ Nationally (USA) known speaker, trainer and mentor specializing in communication, behavioral intelligence and leadership development.
✔️ His TEDx talk on Difficult People and Behavioral Intelligence quickly reached 4 million views.
✔️ He has given keynotes and workshops in more than 30 countries across 4 continents.
✔️ Jay is a designated Master Trainer through the Association for Talent Development (ATD), and was named the 2017 “Top Trainer” in the Metro-Detroit area.
✔️ He is also a two-time Excellence in Training Award recipient from the National Association of Professional Communication Consultants.
✔️ In 2018, Jay was appointed the Leadership Development Director for JCI USA, coaching the organizational leadership across the 40 participating states.